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At Solar Panel Installation Guys, we offer solar panels installation at low prices so that you can afford installing solar panels to your home easily. Our experts are factory trained to handle solar panels and solar panel installation. It is vital that installing solar panels be done by personnel with background in solar panels installation.



There is need to ensure that the panels are of the highest quality and that the solar panels installers are able to install the panels conveniently, fast and effortlessly. You could be in need of solar panel installation at your home, commercial or industrial building. In the end, you will be looking for efficiency, high performance and durability. The solar panels need also be top brand so that they can last for long before replacement. We will help you make the most out of your money, time and effort. Reach us through 888-389-7770 so that we can discuss issues such as purchase of new solar panels, installation, power meters and the whole aspect of saving. Your small budget should not limit your options awe will help you get the best deals.


Tailor made solar panels installation Services

At Solar Panel Installation Guys, we cater for all your solar installation needs, meeting each and every requirement that you may have. We will assist you install solar panels at your premises effortlessly, ensuring that you get timely tips on how to handle them for effective performance. We understand very well that each customer is different and that they have different needs and requirements. The differences come in the size of the premises, use of the solar panels, budget and location of the client.Other issues include where specifically the solar panels will be placed, that is roof tops,ontop of buildings or on stand- alone structures.

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It is important that such considerations be made since the exposure to the sun is crucial in ensuring that you get the highest output possible. Procure these solar installer services through us and we will make all these possible. Our technicians will move in with speed to ensure that solar panels installation is carried out as scheduled. We will also maintain the panels at regular intervals to ensure that they perform as expected.

What else do you look for in a good solar panel installer?

Service is important and this mostly relate to technicians. Are they drunk, unhygienic, uncourteous or use swearwords? You may have come across such kind of technicians and hated working with them again. Our technicians are disciplined and will carry out their work in a respectable way. If such behaviors are exhibited, you will be entitled to free service.

* Repair

The solar panels require to be inspected at times to ensure that the photovoltaic cells are intact and that the solar panels are positioned well in the direction of sunlight. We have a warranty on repair of faulty solar panels. Call us on 888-389-7770 for free repair.

* Replacement install

If the solar panels fail to deliver the expected voltage, we will duly carry out replacement install based on warranty. You will also be free to ask for refund.

For a profession quote, please call 888-389-7770 to book an appointment and get professional advice from industry leaders.

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